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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My style of writing

I have a few styles that I write in. Recently, I have been working on a new one. I call it "Laconic". Laconic means writing with few words. In my short stories, I try to convey a story with as few words as possible. It's an interesting paradigm because the challange is to make a story interesting to the reader and keep it under one-thousand words. One way to write in the laconic style is to avoid adjectives, but could you imagine a story with few adjectives? So the writer must strike a balance or the story line will be nothing more than statements.

The second challange is to develop the plot and not the character. The reason is that laconic stories convey a lesson or message. The character is not as important as the plot. So what this really means is that you drop things like the color of the car a person is driving or the material their clothes are made of, unless it is important to the story.

In my next post, I will include one of my stories as an example.


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